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Tamper-proof Asset Labels

Break into tiny pieces when removal is attempted.

A range of labels all with sequential numbering and barcodes.

  • These labels are made from a very thin gauge white vinyl with a strong adhesive. If any attempt is made to remove or transfer the label it will break into small fragments making it impossible to remove in one piece. When applied to a clean, grease free surface, adhesion will be maximised after 24 hours, which is ideal for warranty protection and calibration seals.
  • Labels can be bar coded or sequentially numbered for uniquely identifying your product during or after manufacture or for asset identification within your organisation e.g. computers, laptops, printers, projectors, instruments & any other equipment that may require identification.
  • Prices are available for small requirements (500 & 1000) right through to much larger runs (100k, 250k & 500k).
  • Labels can be customised with your name or company logo and details adding colour and identification to your product.